Blue Bio Toilet Fluid

Blue coloured Toilet Fluid for cassette, waste & flush tanks

The environmentally friendly toilet fluid that really works!


Blue Bio is..

  • 100% biodegradable
  • environmentally friendly
  • more effective than harsh chemical alternatives
  • formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and biocide free
  • small dosage – value for money
  • multi-purpose ….and it smells nice too!


It’s suitable for use in..

  • cassette/waste tanks
  • flush tanks
  • septic tanks
  • boat holding tanks
  • grey water tanks


Perfect for..

  • caravans
  • motorhomes
  • boats
  • portable camping toilets


How does it work?

Blue Bio uses natural bacteria to break down waste without containing harsh chemicals found in many other toilet fluids. It has been made with a blue food grade dye to hide waste better than green or purple and as it’s washable it won’t permanently stain clothing or carpets. It’s non-hazardous and 100% biodegradable which reduces the impact on the environment and as its classed as sewage not chemical waste this brings chemiical disposal costs down. As well as breaking down sewage, Blue Bio cleans the flush tank keeping it mould and lime scale free. Blue Bio comes in a handy dosing bottle, making it easy to accurately measure doses with less waste and mess. Blue Bio has been designed and made in our very own manufacturing plant – Wessex Manufacturing Ltd. Our factory is ISO 9001:2008 certified for high quality production standards. All our staff are IOSH trained (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health).

Usage Information– click here to find out how to use Blue Bio Technical Information– click here to view the technical data and material safety data sheet

Blue Bio Toilet Fluid Reviews

Some of our favourite product reviews

  • “Blue Bio toilet fluid from Wessex Chemical Factors is blue in colour but has all the credentials of a green fluid. It has to be said that I was pleasantly surpised. It not only smelt good but did a decent job of assisting in breaking things down for easy emptying of the Thetford tank”

    Nick, Motorhome Traveller blog
  • “We love the “Green” Blue Bio – it is the only toilet fluid we that we will sell. It does the job well, is economical, environmentally friendly AND it smells nice!”

    Bagwell Farm, Dorset
  • “We loved the fact that one bottle does everything. No need for pink for the flush and blue for the waste. Saving on cost and on having to transport 2 bottles around....With up to 50 uses per bottle at a very competitive price – will we use it again? Most definitely!”

    Deb Ludford Blogger - In Pursuit of a Dream
  • "Hi, having just started using Blue Bio toilet fluid I am very impressed. In fact I have written to the Caravan Club asking if they can review it next time they are looking at toilet liquids. It definitely keeps the smells down far better than the "normal" liquids."

    Mel Brown
  • "We use the Blue Bio stuff, and it works really well. As the cassette had been used with formaldehyde previously it took a few cycles and good rinses to get rid of it, so persevere and don't give up when it pongs first use or two."

    john6767 on the forum
  • "The flush liquid kept the toilet bowl clean and fresh with a natural smell... This liquid is definitely worth a try - the best two points are the dosing system and the fact that you can use it for the flush tank and the waste tank. We thoroughly recommend it!!"

    Caravan Advice
  • "We have been using Blue Bio toilet fluid in our motorhomes for over a year and a half now. We use Blue Bio with the knowledge that there won't be any problems with its use abroad (Europe), where legislation on chemical toilet fluids can be very strict. Aside from that benefit, Blue Bio is very economical, with such a small dose, which has proven to be very cost effective. It also ticks the boxes of looking and smelling nice too."

    Mr Harvey Cracknell, Abacus Motorhome Hire
  • "Blue Bio toilet fluid is a marvellous product. I live in a motorhome all year round and at times, on festival sites, it has been a life saver!"

    Tracy Harrison, Tracy’s Hygiene Crew


Welcome to our online Shop!

Blue Bio Toilet Fluid
Our 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly and effective toilet fluid.
BUY HERE1 Litre Dosing Bottle £12.99 Including VAT + Postage & Packaging (Flat rate on all orders £4.99) BUY HERE
Pre Season Pack
Pre Season Pack. Get your trip off to a clean start with our new pack of essential items and save over £25.00.
1 x 1 litre Blue Bio Toilet Fluid 1 x 750 ml Glass Cleaner 1 x 750 ml Odour Eliminator 1 x 750 ml Waterless Wash 2 x Microfibre Cloths £39.99 Including VAT and deliveryBUY HERE
Glass Cleaner
750ml Spray Bottle £7.99 Including VAT Postage & Packaging (Flat rate on all orders £4.99)
Heavy duty glass cleaner that effectively cleans off mould, dirt, grime, grease, bird lime and more from boats, yachts, cars and any other glass subjected to the elements.BUY HERE
Bathroom Cleaner
750ml Spray Bottle £8.99 Including VAT Postage & Packaging (Flat rate on all orders £4.99)
Biological cleaner that is compatible with Blue Bio Toilet Fluid. Suitable for cleaning the toilet bowl, sink, shower and any other hard surface in the toilet and bathroom. Can be used at home or in the Caravan, Motorhome or Boat.BUY HERE
Odour Eliminator
750ml Spray Bottle £9.99 Including VAT Postage & Packaging (Flat rate on all orders £4.99)
An effective spray that doesn’t just mask smells, it removes the source through biological (bacteria) activity and consumption. A handy aid for the home or out and about in the car or caravan.BUY HERE
Waterless Wash
750ml Spray Bottle £9.99 Including VAT Postage & Packaging (Flat rate on all orders £4.99)
Superb at removing traffic film, dirt and dead flies from vehicle panels. Cleans, shines and protects paintwork, plastic trim and wheels in one easy step – without using water.BUY HERE
BUY NOW! SHIPPING TO UK ONLYPLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we can only ship around the UK as shipping costs abroad are very expensive. Postage and packaging prices are for mainland UK, EXCLUDING Northern Scotland. For Northern Scotland (including Aberdeenshire and Highlands), Outer Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, please contact us by email or phone for a delivery quote. If you live in the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, Australia or anywhere else in the World, please contact us directly for help. A breakdown of our UK postage costs: We charge a standard flat rate of £4.99 for all UK mainland deliveries. Most packages are shipped within 1 or 2 working days. P&P prices will be added automatically in Paypal. PLEASE NOTE: As a rule we do not offer Saturday deliveries because they are very expensive. If you would like a Saturday delivery, please get in touch for a quote.


New Distributor in Dorset: Excited to annouce Caramarine as a new Blue Bio distributor in Dorset.
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Blue Bio in Australia… Blue Bio is available in Australia through our partnership with the Charleski Group. The new Australia ecommerce website is under construction but in the meantime please contact either Jonathan or Laura by email: or

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